How Identity Theft Threatens Your Tax Refunds

At Maicher CPA Pllc, we provide comprehensive tax services to help individuals and businesses reduce taxes and promptly receive tax refunds.  However, every year, the IRS pays out billions in refunds to identity thieves who file fake returns, including 3 million such returns for 2019.  Theft victims will wait several months for claim resolution – […]


At  Maicher CPA Pllc, we help clients reduce taxes.   The end of the 2020 tax year is upon us   Want to minimize taxable income, maximize deductions, avoid amended tax returns, and speed up a refund?  Here are some useful tips:  Make Sure Your W-2s and 1099s Are Accurate.   By the end of […]

Beware of the Tax Aspects of Some Key COVID-19 Programs

Maicher CPA Pllc provides tax preparation services to help businesses and individuals succeed.  COVID-19 has spawned several government programs to relieve financial hardship.  While these programs have been essential for those hit worse by the pandemic, these programs each have their own unique tax consequences.  Maicher’s professionals are staying on top of these developments and […]

Tax Tips for Students Who Work

Maicher CPA Pllc provides tax preparation services to help businesses and individuals of all ages to succeed.   Many young people have gone back to school and for many of them it also means working to pay those tuition bills.  Despite some common misconceptions, students who generate income have certain tax obligations which need to be […]

Is Your Tax Return Late?  File As Soon As Possible!

Save Dollars and Worry By Filing As Soon As Possible. Our experienced tax professionals at Maicher CPA Pllc provide tax services to help you succeed.   Failure to timely file federal tax returns can result in interest, penalty fees, and even potential criminal prosecution.  Similar consequences often apply to late-filed state tax returns.    Here are […]

Independent Financial Audits – Critically Important to Your Business

When was your last independent financial audit?  Why are such audits important to your business? The experienced accountants and other professionals at Maicher CPA Pllc provide a full range of audit services to help your business succeed. What are independent financial audits?   First, the word “independent” generally means an audit done by a party (e.g. […]


At Maicher CPA Pllc, our tax preparation professionals are committed to minimizing your taxable income and preparing tax returns which reduce the risk of audits.   There are several proactive things you can do as a client to promote these objectives:   Review Your W-2s and 1099s.   W-2/1099s reports are usually received by employees/contractors by […]

How to Use Your Accountant to Get More Profitable Legal Contracts

At Maicher CPA Pllc we provide a full range of accounting and tax services to help clients reduce taxes.    Every legal contract and business deal has underlying tax consequences. Often, they are overlooked unless a tax advisor is proactively involved.    We help our clients reduce taxes before agreements are signed.   What are some […]

Purchasing Real Estate – A Business Opportunity Worth Considering

At Maicher CPA Pllc many of our clients often purchase real estate to increase income and net worth.  There are numerous ways to invest in real estate without buying anything “big” nor necessarily investing large amounts of cash.  Imagine the potential cash flow of owning rental homes, even modest ones.   Or perhaps buying a duplex […]

Are You a Teacher?  What Deductions Might Apply?

Maicher CPA Pllc provides a full range of tax services to help businesses and individuals succeed.  Certain professions have some very specific rules concerning what business expenses are deductible. Teachers are one such profession.  Under what circumstances can teachers deduct expenses?